Civil society says that there is still a lack of humanized care in public hospitals, in part due to the lack of instruments to penalize the health professionals involved. The Ministry of Health recognizes the problem and says it is working to overcome it. civil society, at a meeting with academics and members of the Ministry of Health. For civil society, the situation prevents citizens from having quality care. Civil society also mentions that the poor service in health units is due, on the one hand, to the lack of an instrument to penalize bad professionals. In turn, the Ministry of Health says that it is aware of the problems and work are underway to improve the situation. For the philosopher Severino Ngoenha, the training of health professionals should be a continuous process to root humanism in the sector, with a view to improving the provision of services. meeting between civil society, academics, the private sector and the Ministry of Health. The objective was to discuss the quality of health care.Source:O País

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