The 40 tons of synthetic grass that disappeared in April, at the Estádio Nacional do Zimpeto, remain in unknown whereabouts. However, the National Criminal Investigation Service, without providing much information, says it has some clues to clarify the case. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of synthetic grass at the Zimpeto National Stadium, in Maputo City, may be close to an end. Saudelino Massingue, deputy spokesperson for SERNIC in Maputo City, disclosed part of the ongoing actions, with a view to clarifying the case.”Investigations continue. We have some clues that led us to the clarification of this crime”, said Massingue. Also on Monday, SERNIC presented four employees of the Pedagogical University of Maputo, accused of stealing seven computers, who left that institution disguised as garbage. The main suspect in the crime is the administrator of the main campus of UP-Maputo, an employee with 30 years of service. “I have feelings of guilt and regret, above all. It all starts when I talk to the locksmith. It was a our business. I told him I needed two computers – one would be for me and one for you, if you wanted for personal use”, explained the accused.Saudelino Massingue explains how it was possible to neutralize the group of four employees. “We have registered several cases of theft in all UP-Maputo facilities. Working with our sources, we were able to obtain the information [necessary] to clarify this crime”In addition to the administrator of the UP Maputo campus, there is, still in this group, a locksmith, a driver and an administrative assistant.Source:O País

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