There has been a shortage of cooking gas from GALP, the largest distributor of the fuel, for about a month in the city of Maputo. Dealers say that it takes days to receive the fuel and, when it arrives, it is unloaded in small quantities. The lack of product is worrying dealers and customers looking for the product for their domestic activities. a tour of some gas deposits, in the city of Maputo, and the scene is of hundreds of empty cylinders, shaped and waiting to be filled. In three points visited, in the Polana Caniço neighborhood, none of them had the fuel, a situation that worries customers.Gil Correia, a gas dealer, said that his tank has not received fuel for a week and that, last time, it only received 50 cylinders that ran out in less than 30 minutes. “I have more than 700 cylinders here, empty; it’s a very complicated situation, because we don’t sell or earn. We have customers who come from all over the city, hoping to find something here , but nothing”, he said, worried. As he received clients from all over the city, the solution found was to write down their numbers in a notebook so that they can be contacted as soon as there is gas. However, Correia says that the solution is not as effective as it is not receiving enough fuel, which leaves customers without the product. “We still don’t know what is actually happening, but they say that the company is under construction and many trucks cannot get in to supply, so there is a lack of gas. Therefore, we decided to deposit money to our supplier, so that, as soon as he has, he can contact us.” At the OMM gas station, Without recording an interview, “O País” learned that the scene is chaotic and that, on Thursday morning, only 50 bottles arrived, having finished in a short time. In the round made by our team throughout the city, we found that only the Alto Maé station had the fuel, albeit in a reduced quantity, as only 100 cylinders had recently been unloaded and customers kept coming. Samuel Ernesto, one of the customers, said that two weeks ago, they didn’t could get the fuel, m even having searched all over the city and the solution found was to replace it with charcoal. “Finally, I got it today, I left Baixa until here, in Alto Maé, looking for it and only arrived here because I saw someone who had just bought it; was the one who pointed me to this place. It’s embarrassing because we don’t have any information; we are customers and we need to know what is going on”, Samuel Ernesto expressed his indignation.Contacted, the company GALP promised to give an opportune statement on the lack of gas in the country’s capital.Source:O País

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