The Ministry of Health (MISAU) says it is preparing to mitigate the risks of a possible third wave of COVID-19 that could soon devastate the country.The information was put forward by the Minister of Health, Armindo Tiago, who, even without knowing the possible date of the “arrival” of this wave, which may be worse than the two previous ones and because it may appear at a time when active cases tend to reduce drastically, February to May last, he says he is worried about the new wave. According to Tiago, some provinces in neighboring South Africa are already suffering from the impacts of this wave and the most serious is that some border Mozambique, hence “the possibility of our country to be equally affected is real.” So that the authorities are not caught by surprise, as in the first and second waves, they ensure that they are in the process of preparation.” We have already started work to strengthen the Ministry of Health’s capacity to respond to effects of a possible third wave”, guaranteed the head of the Health portfolio, who spoke during the reception of support to face the disease. The support comes from the African Development Bank (ADB) and the representation of the World Health Organization ( WHO) in Mozambique and are valued at US$1.6 million. According to Joaquim Saweka, WHO representative in Mozambique, contrary to past vacancies, the country is already prepared, as the contours of the disease and the donation, consisting of ventilators, are already known. respirators, oxygen machines, nasal cannulas and examination gloves will make a big difference in preparing the country to respond to this wave.” This offer is an expression of WHO’s commitment to ensuring that the Government strengthens its capacity to enable the access of the affected population to the COVID-19 response services”, said Saweka. The ADB representative in Mozambique, Pietro Toigo, spoke of the support as a way of responding, also, to the impacts that the new variants, such as the one detected for the first time in India, could bring to the country. “This donation comes at a time when national health authorities are on alert due to an increasing rate of detection of new variants, characterized by a high mortality, together with the COVID-19 outbreaks in India and Brazil, countries with strong links with Mozambique”, said Pietro ToigoSegundo Toigo, the ADB supports the country with another 42 million dollars, destined to the health sector, social protection and support to the private sector. Source:O País

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