Malawi has lifted visa restrictions for travelers from 79 countries. The announcement was made by Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhałe. The decision aims to allow easier access for visitors, including those from the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada and others with a broad aim of improving tourism in the country.The change in immigration regulations means that citizens of these countries, as well as those of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa), no longer need visas to enter Malawi . However, this exemption does not apply to countries that impose visa requirements on citizens of Malawi. Additionally, certain groups such as diplomats and government officials, along with countries that have mutual exchange agreements for multiple entry visas with Malawi, also are exempt from these regulations.According to international press, the validity of multiple entry visas in Malawi has also been extended to up to 12 months under the new visa regulations.This measure is expected to not only boost tourism but also facilitate trade and strengthen diplomatic ties between Malawi and other countries. Source:O País

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