While many citizens living in the country’s capital were in churches (others were still on the way) praising and thanking God for their health and asking the Almighty for a blessed week, employment so they could support their families, three individuals were on the lookout to remove a father and businessman who provides jobs for some Mozambicans from family life. According to the newspaper O País, the crime occurred in the military zone and less than 50 meters from a barracks. The kidnappers were armed with firearms.”The workers were inside. They couldn’t get out. The person kidnapped is the owner of the bottle store. It wasn’t even 10 minutes after it opened. I think the kidnappers were monitoring him. He there is no guard. The military did nothing because no one noticed anything. I noticed because I was nearby. The police arrived at the scene 30 minutes later”, described a witness, quoted by the newspaper O País.Photo: Jornal O País

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