New marks will certify company and government accounts. Individuals will continue to have the blue seal, whose service, charged, will be relaunched next week, along with the new colors, said the businessman. Message displayed on the @Jesus profile on Twitter shows that the account received the blue seal, verified, for subscribing to the paid version of Twitter Blue, which costs US$ 8 per month Reproduction/Twitter/@Jesus Twitter will launch gold and gray verification marks, in addition to to relaunch the service charged by azul, announced this Friday (25) the chief executive of the platform, Elon Musk. According to the businessman, the golden seal will be used to identify companies, and the gray one, national and local governments. The now traditional blue check will be reserved for individuals. Share this news on WhatsApp Share this news on Telegram The new brands will be up and running in a week, the businessman announced in a post on the social network. Also next week, the platform will relaunch the controversial service charged for blue verification, announced Musk. “Gold check for corporations, gray check for governments, blue check for individuals (celebrity or otherwise). Painful but necessary,” he wrote. All verified accounts will be manually authenticated before verification is activated, according to the billionaire. “Individuals may have a secondary lowercase logo to show they belong to an organization if verified as such by that organization,” Musk said in another tweet, adding he would provide a longer explanation next week. The company had paused the charge for the service charged for the blue seal, of US$ 8 (about R$ 42.50), due to the increase in fake accounts after the initial launch. Musk said the issue has been resolved, and verification will be relaunched on September 29. The blue check mark was originally reserved for verified accounts of politicians, famous personalities, journalists and other public figures. SEE ALSO: RETURN OF THE BLOCKED: Musk says he will grant ‘amnesty’ to suspended Twitter accounts INTERNAL CRISIS: Twitter surprises employees with temporary closure of offices CRITICISM TARGET: How Elon Musk’s management at Twitter is being seen by experts in technology Initial plugin text 5 points about the Twitter crisis Globo Tecnologia

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