The Prime Minister will speak, this Friday, at the extraordinary summit of the African Union on behalf of the President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi, Adriano Maleane’s intervention will be the highest point of the Mozambique’s participation in the extraordinary summit on industrialization in Africa. in programs on industrialization, adapted policies and results. I recall that the government is introducing measures to stimulate industrial growth through specific programs such as sustain and PRONAI- National program to industrialize Mozambique. industrial growth through the implementation, in a public-private regime, of z Free water parks and industrial parks. On the subject, Rádio Moçambique knows that the government has already found the partner that will put into operation the special agro-industrial processing zone of the Pemba-Lichinga integral development corridor. of this partner, Silvino Moreno made it known that the office for the implementation of the project has already been created. countries advocated the creation of a continental fund to accelerate the industrialization process in Africa and ensure sustainable economic growth. (RM)Source:Radio Mozambique Online

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