The Black Bulls’ victory at Matchedje de Mocuba leaves everything open in the fight for the Moçambola2022 title from Quelimane. An important victory for Inácio Soares’ men in terms of the title. Next Sunday, the Black Bulls will host Costa do Sol, thinking about revalidating the title. Nacir Armando is practically relegated from Moçambola. The relegation of Matchedje de Mocuba has been decreed. Ferroviário de Nampula returned to the podium, beating Associação Desportiva de Vilanculo by 1/0 at the Estádio 25 de Junho. Nacala, 1/Liga Desportiva de Maputo, 0.In the classification, União Desportiva do Songo is in first place with 47 points, against 46 for Black Bulls, in second place.O Ferroviário de Nampula close to the podium with 34 points. In fourth place – Ferroviário de Maputo with 33 points. Fifth – Ferroviário da Beira – 28. The same as Costa do Sol, in sixth position. Seventh – Ferroviário de Nacala – 26 points. Lichinga – 25 points. Ninth – ADV – 23 points. In the relegation zone: Incomáti – 21 points Matchedje de Mocuba – 17Liga Desportiva de Maputo – 15 points. On the next round, the last of the championship, the following games are scheduled: União Desportiva do Songo goes to Estádio Machava to face Ferroviário de Maputo. Black Bulls plays at Tchumene against Costa do Sol. The champion will be found in these two matches. In the remaining matches: Ferroviário de Lichinga/Ferroviário de Nacala. Maputo Sports League/Nampula Railway; Sports Association of Vilanculo/Matchedje de Mocuba; Incomáti/Ferroviário da Beira. (RM)Source:Radio Mozambique Online

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