Two months after a long wait, workers at the “moribund” Moçambique Telecom (TMCEL) have finally started to receive their wages in arrears. The payment of overdue salaries began last Friday, with part of the employees of that mobile operator having already been paid. From what “Carta” found, the salary payment process will be completed by the end of today, when the banks conclude the bureaucratic aspects. TMCEL, you know “Carta”, tried to pay, on the same day, the salaries for the months of October and November. The fact was communicated to our report on Friday afternoon by the Executive Director of TMCEL, Mário Albino, and confirmed by the workers. Mário Albino also guaranteed that TMCEL is already in possession of the money that will ensure the payment of salaries for the month of December. It should be noted that TMCEL had to resort to Treasury money to settle its salary debts, after having demonstrated its inability to do so with its own revenues. The company, it should be noted, is immersed in an unprecedented financial crisis and the Government says it is still studying the best destination to give to that public company. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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