The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, participates, from yesterday until Wednesday, in the United Nations high-level meeting on the Central Emergency Fund Emergency Responses for 2024.The event will be led by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, indicates a statement received in our editorial office.Verónica Macamo will be one of the speakers at the meeting at the UN headquarters, in a speech that will address the humanitarian situation in Mozambique, the commitment and resilience of the Mozambican Government in responding to the devastation caused by natural disasters generated by the global phenomenon of climate change. Since its creation in 2006, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund has provided humanitarian aid to Mozambique estimated at more than 122 million dollars, highlighting the recent donation of 16 million dollars to assist the victims of Cyclone Freddy and this year’s cholera outbreak. In September, the United Nations Emergency Response Fund (CERF) disbursed more 6.5 million dollars (410.8 million meticais) for humanitarian aid to Mozambique. CERF said, at the time, in a statement, that this support is included in the disbursement of 125 million dollars, equivalent to 7.9 billion of meticais, for humanitarian aid, particularly for refugees, in 14 countries in Africa (including Mozambique), Asia, the Middle East and South America. With the disbursement of these 125 million dollars for the 14 countries, CERF increases the total support of the emergency fund through its Underfunded Emergencies window to more than US$270 million (17.1 billion meticais) this year, “the largest annual amount ever allocated to the largest number of countries”, which, according to the institution , reflects a “skyrocketing increase in humanitarian needs and the fact that regular donor funding is not keeping pace”. Source:O País

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