The victims, two men aged 34 and 64, were rescued after a shootout with the kidnappers, the South African police said in a statement. One of the kidnappers was killed, the second hospitalized and four others detained during the police operation carried out at the end of this Monday, he said. The police highlighted that after the kidnapping, last Sunday, the kidnappers “immediately began demanding ransom from their respective families”.Quoted by the Lusa agency, the South African police said that the victims were of South African nationality. Last week, two Portuguese businessmen were rescued by South African police in the town of Soweto, southwest of the city of Johannesburg. The first was rescued on Monday and the second on Thursday. In total and related to these two cases, six people were arrested in the province of Gauteng, where Johannesburg, the economic capital, and Pretoria, the country’s capital, are located. Over a period of six months, more than 54 kidnappers operating in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Free State were arrested. South Africa is facing a worsening crime of kidnapping in which large financial amounts are demanded to rescue victims, according to police.

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