Mozambique will publish, from next year, a ranking of the best higher education institutions. The measure will allow students, when applying, to know which universities have the most quality and ease of access to the job market.The information was released, this Saturday, in Maputo, by the Vice Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, during the sixth graduation of the Higher Institute of Commerce and Finance, ISGECOF.Edson Macuácua said These are priorities that the Executive must fulfill in the new higher education regulatory framework, until the end of the current governance cycle. The Rector of ISGECOF, Júlio Cunela, guarantees that his institution’s graduates are prepared to compete, on a equality, with other professionals. The graduates thanked their parents and teachers for their support and dedication during their training. This year, the Higher Institute of Commerce and Finance made three hundred and fifty professionals from nine areas of knowledge available to the market. (RM)Source:Rádio Moçambique Online

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