“Of the total number of vaccinated to date, 53 percent are from rural areas”, said Armindo Tiago, during a session of questions to the government. question from the parliamentary bench of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), third party. The minister said that more than 3.9 million people are fully vaccinated against covid-19 in Mozambique and more than 6.5 million have already taken the first dose The Minister of Health pointed out that the goal is to immunize around 17 million people by the end of 2022, that is, the adult population among the 30 million inhabitants that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) estimates to be the total population In October, the third phase of vaccination began, which will cover the inoculation of around 7.3 million people, added Armindo Tiago. The government official said that the National Vaccination Plan is budgeted at around 12 billion meticals (166 million euros).Mozambique has a cumulative 1,941 deaths and 151,548 cases, of which 98 percent have been recovered.

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