In a statement, the Minister of Family and Gender, Marthe Kirima, stated that children continue to be recruited as fighters, spies, messengers, cooks and even used as sex slaves.Although 15 thousand children have escaped from rebel forces, many are traumatized and have difficulty returning to normal life, he added. Today marks the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, with the UN Security Council estimating that there are 300 thousand child soldiers spread across at least 86 countries. CAR, a country rich in minerals but considered one of the poorest in the world, has been in conflict since 2013, when the Seleka rebels, predominantly Muslims, took power and forced then-President François Bozize to leave office. The militias, mostly Christian, fought back, and the conflict also affects the civilian population. The United Nations, which has a peacekeeping mission in the country (Minusca), estimates that the fighting has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 1 million, that is, a fifth of the population.

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