The Government intends to install, by 2028, seven more meteorological stations for early warning of the occurrence of earthquakes, which will join the 12 existing in the country. The intention was expressed this Wednesday , in Maputo, by the spokesperson for the Technical-Scientific Commission on Climate Change, during the body’s first session. Amós Maúre, heard by Rádio Moçambique, explained that the action will contribute to greater predictability in the recording of earthquakes and an effective response from entities competent authorities, in the event of the occurrence of these phenomena. Still in the first session of the Technical-Scientific Commission on Climate Change, the issue of social protection in the context of natural disasters was debated. At the meeting, the executive was advised to adopt a criterion for building infrastructures resilient to the occurrence of extreme weather events, with emphasis on earthquakes. The district of Machaze, in the province of Manica, is the place that records the greatest seismic activity in the country. Source: O País

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