Um heart of joy – erotic poems, by Virgílio de Lemos, and Por eu amar-te so much – poems for lovers, by Rui de Noronha, are the titles of two anthologies that the publisher Gala-Gala launches this month. The literary works are part of the “Pocket Poetry” series, an initiative that aims to bring good poetry at affordable prices, and will be distributed exclusively by the Ethale bookshop. The two books, in effect, will reach readers in hardycopy and e-book format. According to the clarification of the publisher Gala-Gala, without holding a public launch event. “We decided to start with these two authors, canons and landmarks of modern Mozambican poetry. Our intention was, with these two authors, to offer the different ways they thought of love”, said Gala-Gala. According to António Cabrita, quoted in the note from the Gala-Gala publisher, Um Coração de Gozo is a poem that is “one of the rare examples of eroticism in Portuguese-language poetry of that time” and this time. : “This publication, which takes place 77 years after Noronha’s death, is an attempt, which we hope will not be in vain, to relive some of her most striking verses and bring to the younger and eternal lovers what we believe to be the best of the world. love poetry from Mozambique”. Source:O País

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