According to the pre-call announced yesterday, June 23, it is composed of players that evolve in the internal championship, Moçambola-2021.CONFIRA THE LIST OF THE 30 PLAYERS PRE-CALLED BY THE NATIONAL TEAM CHIQUINHO CONDE :GOALKEEPER: Ernan Siluane (União Desportiva do Songo); Ivan Urrubal (Black Bulls); Victor Guambe (Costa do Sol). DEFENSES: Ifren Matola (Songo Sports Union); Fidel de Sousa (Black Bulls); Domingos Macandza (Coast of the Sun); Edmilson Dove (União Desportiva do Songo); Danilo Muze (Costa do Sol); José Mauai (Maputo Railway); Feliciano Jone (Black Bulls); Alberto Alface (Beira Railway); Martinho Thauzene (Black Bulls); Daniel Mutambe (União Desportiva do Songo): MIDDLE: Amade Momade (União Desportiva do Songo); Manuel Tanala (Costa do Sol); Shaquile Nagy (Maputo Railway); Saddan Guambe (Maputo Railway); Dário Melo (Songo Sports Union); Stélio Ernesto (Costa do Sol); Nélson Divrassone (União Desportiva do Songo); Jimmy Ukonde (União Desportiva do Songo): ADVANCED: Melque Alexandre (Black Bulls); Celso Calisto (Maputo Railway); Salas Malico (Nampula Railway); João Bonde (Beira Railway); Melven Choi (Beira Railway); Ailton Macuacua (Maputo Railway); Isac de Carvalho (Nampula Railway); Dayo António (Songo Sports Union); Pachoio King (União Desportiva do Songo). Remember that Mozambique is exempt from the group stage and will only start the competition in the quarter-finals against South Africa, according to the draw held a few days ago.

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