The Sustainable Development Fund (FNDS) has launched, in Zambézia province, the project “Financing Window” which aims to support communities and companies that have initiatives to reduce deforestation.Manuel Gonçalo, representative of the National Fund for Sustainable Development in Zambézia, says that the “Financing Window” is an opportunity for communities, the private sector, and other actors in the province, to submit plans that aim to tackle deforestation and, therefore, contribute to the good Gonçalo also explained that the province expects to receive gains from the reduction of carbon emissions, referring to the years 2019 and 2020. The pilot program started in 2018 and ends in 2024.  Of the expected monetary gains, 70 percent of the value goes to the local communities, 20 percent for the private sector, 4 percent for district governments, 4 percent for the Gilé National Park and 2 percent for the environment sector. The project covers 5.3 million hectares in nine districts of Zambézia province, including Gilé, Mocubela and Maganja da Costa. It should be noted that Mozambique is the first country with certified carbon credits of the 47 applicants. Zambézia province has cashed in US$6.4 million from the carbon fund for the 2018 report.Source:O País

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