According to the newspaper Noticiias, the accused invaded the victim’s residence in the early hours of Saturday, apparently with the intention of stealing some property, where he attacked the deceased with a hoe, causing fatal head injuries , resulting in death on the spot.”I’m arrested because I stole a car and killed my partner, but my intention was to steal some electrical appliances. However, when I arrived at the residence, I found him awake, I killed him using a hoe and covered the body on the bed”, he confessed, quoted by Notícias. After the murder, the young man sought help from a mechanic friend to remove two of the victim’s vehicles, one Isuzu, owned by the National Road Administration (ANE), and another Toyota Cami, which was damaged. The PRM spokeswoman in the city of Maputo said that the records of the accused had already been drawn up and explained that the victim’s body had already been removed to the Mavalane General Hospital.

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