Under the motto “Literacy for Human-Centered Recovery, Reducing Digital Exclusion”, the commemorations of the International Literacy Day begin today (September 1st), which is marked on the 8th of September September. The First Lady, Isaura Nyusi, said, in her message alluding to the date in question, that the celebrations of the International Literacy Day aim to alert the youth and adult population to the need for massive adherence to literacy programs, as a tool of education and awareness for the emancipation of society and women in particular.”The week and the International Literacy Day are celebrated at a time when we live in a new reality imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we must redouble our efforts to educate more young people, women and men to face with awareness the new way of living in the face of COVID-19″, says Isaura Nyusi, in a statement.According to Isaura Nyusi, Mozambique ue presents an illiteracy rate of 39 percent, of which 49.4 percent is of women (CENSO, 2017). The data suggest, according to the First Lady, the need to literate young and adult Mozambican citizens, as a father and a literate mother are aware of the importance of education and are better able to face the challenges of life and participation in the process of sustainable development, such as taking care of the health of their families and educating their children, carrying out family planning, joining the units health for safe births, breastfeeding and healthy eating. In her message, Isaura Nyusi called on citizens to join the Literacy and Adult Education Centers, as she believes that the role of parents and guardians is preponderant for the development of self- esteem your children and protect them from premature unions, early pregnancy, actively responding to youth and adult literacy programs s, carried out by the Ministry of Education and Human Development and partners. The International Literacy Day has been celebrated annually around the world since 1966, one year after the Meeting of Ministers of Education in Tehran, Iran , where the date of September 8 was established. Source:O País

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