About 11 women, including professional and amateur painters, came together to produce the exhibition The curative power of art, on display at the Mozambican-German Cultural Center until 9 August. The idea of ​​the painting collective resulted from a workshop organized by Algo mais and facilitated by the painter Aline Nobre. The session was attended by more than 20 women who found a strong possibility on the screen to express feelings and emotions. Thus, the organization intended and intends to use art as therapy and encourage people in this sense, so that everyone feels included. After all, art can be a portal, with colors and paper, to other dimensions. The Algo Mais workshop has been in existence for four years. In meetings held monthly, the participants talk about various issues related to the female universe. Therefore, all Mozambican and foreign women can take part in the sessions held at the Mozambican-German Cultural Center (CCMA), in Maputo City. The curator of the collective exhibition selected, at the workshop, paintings by 11 women, with emphasis on Nalia Augustine. The artist has seven acrylic works on canvas in the exhibition, which are part of what the author considers “abstract realism”.Nália Agostinho joined Algo mais’s initiative because it is very good. “It’s profound to use art as therapy. It gives people an insight into what art is and demonstrates that the movement is inclusive. All women can join the movement to share their experience.” seven paintings by Nália Agostinho seek to reflect the women’s feelings and desires, without judgment. For CCMA Director Carolin Brugger, the painting collective is very important to deconstruct the idea that, in this case, only exceptional people should paint. “Each human being needs a creative expression to feel good about himself”. At the CCMA gallery, the collective The curative power of art can be visited until August 9, between Monday and Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. :The country

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