At 6pm this Friday, the Fernando Leite Couto Foundation (FFLC) will announce, in a ceremony, the winner of the Fernando Leite Couto Literary Prize, a competition that continues on its Friday edition dedicated to prose.In total, the organization of the competition received 68 works by the same number of authors, among them, 18 women and 49 men, from all over the country and Mozambicans residing in Portugal and Brazil.According to the Fernando Leite Foundation Couto, in a press release, the jury for the sixth edition of the Fernando Leite Couto Literary Prize was chaired by Teresa Manjate (essayist), Gil Filipe (journalist), Aurélio Cuna (essayist), Aíssa Mithá Issak (librarian) and Agostinho Goenha (teacher and essayist).The Fernando Leite Couto Literary Prize was established in 2017 to promote and reveal new talents in Mozambican literature, organized annually and alternating between genres from poetry to prose. The prize is held in partnership with Moza, Câmara Municipal de Óbidos and Portugal-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce includes the monetary value of 150 thousand meticais, the editing and publication of the winning work, a literary residency for 30 days in the city of Óbidos, in Portugal, participation in the Óbidos International Literary Festival, to in addition to other actions and events to promote and disseminate the work at national and international level. In six years, the Fernando Leite Couto Literary Prize has already revealed six authors, all of them under 40 years of age, namely Macvildo Bonde (2017), with the book «The description of shadows», Otildo Justino Guido (2019), with the book «The silence of the skin», Maya Ângela Macuácua and Geremias Mendoso, ex-aequo, (2022), with the books «Black diamonds in the middle of crystals» and “Como os mochos piam”, respectively and in 2023, revealed the authors Gibson João, with the book «O Descalço [dos] Murmúrios» and Óscar Fanheiro, with «Incêndios à Margem do Sono».Source:O País

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