South African biotechnology company Afrigen is studying a World Health Organization (WHO) funded COVID-19 vaccine so that Africa do not remain dependent on immunizing agents from other countries.The development of the project by Afrigen, a company based in Cape Town, is financed by the WHO COVAX initiative for equitable access to vaccines, and its formula will be similar to that of Moderna’s vaccine “What we’re looking for is a second-generation vaccine. We need to start with a lookalike of Modern, but the idea is to develop a vaccine more suited to low-income countries,” said WHO vaccine coordinator in Geneva, Martin Friede, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto. According to Martin Friede, Africa needs to become self-sufficient in vaccine production over the next 20 years. Once the formula is developed, Afrigen plans to train other African countries to manufacture the immunization agents. In turn, Afrigen’s director, Petro Terreblanche, said that the first doses should be ready for clinical trials within a year. Existing messenger RNA vaccines need to be stored at low temperatures, Afrigen’s formula will ideally require little or no refrigeration. The country

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