The prices of vegetables have increased in recent weeks in the Greater Maputo metropolitan region, due to the shortage of products resulting from the loss of crops following the recent rains and floods.Products such as cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes and onions, for example, recorded a relative rise in purchase price, compared to the price practiced before the peak of precipitation in the southern region of the country. Until yesterday afternoon, cabbage sauce cost between 50 and 100 meticais , depending on the size and quality against the previous 20 and 40 meticais, while a 100-kilogram bag of cabbage has already been sold for 1500 meticais and is currently around 4500 meticais.Laura Feliciano, a cabbage seller, says that in the agricultural fields where purchase the products, little was left because almost everything ended up being washed away by rainwater, with hectares still flooded.Read more…Source:Jornal Notícias

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