Today, Tuesday, the African Traditional and Alternative Medicine Day was celebrated and, to mark the date, a nutritional supplement was launched in Maputo city. it is expected to contribute to strengthening the immune system of patients with COVID-19. “Potential Contribution of Traditional Medicine to the Response to COVID-19″ is the motto chosen for the celebration of the African Traditional and Alternative Medicine Day. And, at the ceremony that took place today, Tuesday, in the Municipality of Maputo, the supplement developed by researchers from the Pedagogical University of Maputo (UP-Maputo), in partnership with the Ministry of Health, was launched. Ekume” (health, in Portuguese), a word borrowed from Emakhua, the Bantu language with the largest number of speakers in Mozambique. Cornelio Mucaca, one of the researchers at UP-Maputo, says that the supplement will contribute to strengthening the immune system of people with COVID-19 and other diseases. “It is a flour produced based on natural, local and easily accessible products. In this flour, we find several nutrients, including green banana flour, malambi flour, which has a high content. of vitamin C; sorghum flour, corn, which is very rich in protein; peanuts and sweeteners that are important for the taste,” explained Mucaca. The Association of Traditional Doctors of Mozambique (AMETRAMO) says it is advancing research s of some medicinal plants that can contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Fernando Mathe, president of AMETRAMO, guarantees that “there will be research that will bring a guarantee after the medicines themselves are tested in the laboratory.” Saúde, Lídia Cardoso, present at the supplement’s launching ceremony, repudiates some behavior considered deviant by some traditional doctors. However, the leader praises the contribution of traditional medicine in the treatment of various diseases that afflict the population. “It is important to continue to train and train more practitioners of traditional and alternative medicine, so that people do not delay in hospital diagnosis. Medicine traditional and conventional must act together, which will allow more people to hold the knowledge, to prevent diseases or to properly follow medical treatments.” The World Health Organization, present at the celebration of the Day of African Traditional and Alternative Medicine, reiterated its commitment to continue supporting the Ministry of Health in the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the promotion of traditional medicine.Source:O País

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