The Pedagogical University of Maputo, this Wednesday, paid academic and scientific tribute to full professors, Brazão Mazula, Filipe Couto and Carlos Machili  for their contribution in the area of ​​education. In her intervention, the Minister of Justice for Constitutional and Religious Affairs, Helena  Quida,  said that the recognition of these unavoidable figures in the history of education in Mozambique is an opportunity to pass on the testimony of their achievements to society and to young people, in particular. from the Pedagogical University of Maputo, said that the distinction for full professors Brazão Mazula, Filipe Couto and Carlos Machili  aims to praise their  achievements  as intellectuals and guardians of values ​​to promote the human condition. Jorge Ferão underlined that the honored ones built with wisdom the university spaces. Professors Brazão Mazula, Filipe Couto and Carlos Machili thank their family and friends for their support throughout the academic path. (RM)Source:Radio Moçambique Online

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