One of the children is a newborn that the mother, 37-year-old nurse Davy Macias, gave birth to by caesarean section while she was already intubated. The woman died on August 26 without having known her daughter. Davy’s husband, 38-year-old math teacher Daniel Macias, was being treated at the same hospital as his wife. He was still able to see the photographs the nurses showed him of his daughter before she died on September 9. The entire family became infected in August, according to the Washington Post, and while the children quickly recovered, Davy’s symptoms worsened and she needed to be hospitalized when she was seven months pregnant. Less than a week later, the husband was admitted to the same hospital unit. The grandmother, a recently retired kindergarten teacher, Terry Macias, will be the one who will stay with her grandchildren – three girls and two boys, aged between newborns. -born and eight years old. The baby still doesn’t have a name, as the parents wanted to wait to choose, as they thought they would resist the disease. The family just calls her Baby Girl, for now. Terry believes the son and daughter-in-law probably contracted the new coronavirus during a trip to an indoor water park on a family outing before school starts, he told CNN. , the couple was not against the vaccine, they just wanted to know more about its safety before taking it, having spent the whole pandemic being very cautious to ward off the disease. The sudden loss of Davy and Daniel shook the family and children, that the grandmother believes they have not yet fully accepted the death of their parents.

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