The United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) this Tuesday praised the decisions taken last week in Luanda, encouraging diplomatic efforts to end hostilities between the rebels and the authorities.MONUSCO welcomes the holding of the mini-summit in Luanda and the role of Angolan President João Lourenço, in his capacity as president of the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (IC/GLR) and appointed mediator of the African Union, the former President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his capacity as facilitator of the East African Community, the Head of State of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, President of the East African Community, and all regional leaders involved in finding peaceful solutions to the crisis in eastern Africa RDCongo”, reads a statement released today. In the missive, the United Nations says “encourage the continuation of diplomatic efforts to states that led to firm decisions for the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of M23 [the March 23 rebel movement, M23] from the occupied areas”.According to the French news agency, France-Presse (AFP), the fighting had ceased on Monday, but there was no sign of withdrawal from current positions by the M23, namely in the northeastern part of this African country. MONUSCO states that it received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DRC to “support implementation of decisions adopted within the framework of the peace processes in Luanda and Nairobi” and adds that it is also ready to “establish a coordination mechanism with the Regional Force of the East African Community”. in Luanda decided the cessation of hostilities from late Friday afternoon, which should have been followed, two days later, by the withdrawal of the M23 rebels “from the occupied areas to their initial positions”, but until today there was no withdrawal.”We have always said that we are asking for dialogue with the government and, at that time, we will discuss this issue”, reinforced the military spokesman for the M23, Willy Ngoma. If the M23 rebels refused to withdraw, the East African regional force to be deployed to Goma “would use force to pressure them into submission”. talking to M23, which he calls a “terrorist movement” backed by Rwanda.A new round of talks with armed groups active in eastern DRC was opened on Monday in Nairobi, but again without the presence of representatives of the M23, which for that reason already said, on the Luanda summit, that the cease-fire does not “tell them much”. (RM-NM) Source: Rádio Moçambique Online

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Bail request by Esmael Nangy exposes his wealth and business detained. Esmael Nangy’s request for freedom in Thembisa Magistrates’ Court revealed his extensive wealth and an international trucking business empire. Nangy, who has eight children through his two wives, filed his bail application with the court on Thursday. He was arrested at his luxurious home on the Midstream Estate in Centurion. Nangy is wanted by Mozambican authorities for allegedly orchestrating the kidnapping of wealthy Mozambican and RAS businessmen. Entering the courthouse in handcuffs, Nangy, smiled at his family sitting in the front row of the public gallery, whispering briefly to them. Nangy’s wife Nazia, his sister Salma, their son and two daughters were among his family there to support him. According to Islamic customary law, Nangy is also married to Asserina Sadique Nangy, who lives with the couple’s five children in Maputo. With his family was a team of Mozambican prosecutors and investigators. Officials are in South Africa to facilitate his extradition from Nangy back to Mozambique. Through his lawyer, Calvin Maile, Nangy told the court that the allegations against him were “baseless and without any truth”. “The Mozambican arrest warrant states that I have been wanted in Mozambique since June 2022, when my arrest was ordered. Not once was I stopped and arrested, despite going through official border posts.” Maile said Nangy was a respected businessman who had a well-established transport business operating in South Africa and Mozambique. He said Nangy had a company called Trans Nangy, with its sister company, Trans Nangy LDA, headquartered in Mozambique.”He earns a monthly salary of between R$50,000 and R$100,000 from his business. He can post a bail of R$ 50,000. Maile said Nangy’s business operates with an extensive fleet of trucks based in both countries. “Nangy has permanent residency in SA and is well established in this country. His assets are worth R$7 million. They include a house worth R3.2 million, which he wholly owns, and over R200,000 worth of furniture.” (Letter, with Sowetan) Source: Letter from Mozambique