Ukraine. Germany ships and authorizes shipment of Leopard tanks German weekly Der Spiegel. After months of debate, Chancellor [Olaf] Scholz decided to deliver war tanks to Ukraine. The allies also seem to want to fall in line. The Abrams tanks may come from the USA”, reads the online edition of the German newspaper. The EFE agency, citing Der Spiegel and the television channel NTV, adds that the German army will provide tanks of the Leopard 2A6 model and that the Government de Scholz authorizes other countries to re-export units of the Leopard 2 purchased from Germany. from non-European countries. The Leopard 2A6 version differs from the previous ones (A1 to A4), due to its third generation armor and compared to the A5 version, it has a more modern piece, with greater range, which guarantees tactical advantage in the field of The information advanced by Der Spiegel will be confirmed on Wednesday by an announcement by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, according to the Bild newspaper. s in the German coalition government there appeared to be differing positions on the matter, although the official argument was that any shipment had to be coordinated with Western allies who supported Ukraine. has increased in recent weeks and this Tuesday, faced with a formal request submitted by Poland, Berlin paved the way for this to happen. On Monday, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had already encouraged countries that intend to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine to start training the Ukrainian military who will operate them. European countries, including Portugal, are available to supply western battle tanks, such as the Leopard 2. (RM NMinuto)Source:Rádio Moça online mbique

Jan 25, 2023

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