Function arrives a week after Uber Eats ended in the country. Employees of companies that join the “Shuttle” can book a space for transport in the app, said the platform. Uber starts charter bus service in Brazil Uber/Disclosure A week after closing the Eats delivery system in Brazil, Uber announced the start of chartered bus and van service to transport company employees in the country. Uber Shuttle allows the use of the app to manage the transport of employees in vehicles that take from 10 to 50 people. According to the company, employees can reserve a spot on the bus in the app, in addition to checking the routes and stops available for boarding and alighting in real time. Buses are outsourced The system that organizes bus trips in Uber is similar to what exists with passenger cars, however, in this new case, outsourced companies provide the vehicles for the transportation of employees. To g1, Uber said that the amounts paid by companies that join the service depend on each contract, and may vary according to the amount of trips and employees or if the agreement is made by monthly packages. Globo Tecnologia

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