The UBA bank, United Bank For Africa Mozambique, inaugurated its new Bank Branch in the District of Muanza. The inauguration was led by the Secretary of State in the Province of Sofala , Cecília Chamutota, and was attended by Dortea Hércules Ambrósio, Administrator of the District of Muanza, Filipe Mandlate, President of the Board of Directors of UBA Moçambique, Evandro Faustino, Head of Service of the Banco Moçambique Branch in Beira, among other individuals. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Felipe Mandlate, stated that this act reveals commitment to the development of the province. According to the PCA of UBA Mozambique, the Bank’s experience and growth in the country, region, continent and the largest international markets, makes that financial institution , an ideal partner for all customers offering solutions. During his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors highlighted the Bank’s willingness to support the development of the community. And finally, he reaffirmed UBA’s commitment to providing the best solutions for growth of the Economy and contribute to the development of this regionFor her part, the Secretary of State in the province of Sofala, Cecília Chamutota, thanked the implementation of the new branch of Banco UBA Moçambique in that region of the province and the country, for socio-economic development.Continuing with the In her speech, the head of the State Representation Services Council said that: “The Second Priority of the Government’s Five-Year Program 2020-2024 is: “Boosting Economic growth, productivity and job creation” and, this priority has as its First (I) Strategic Objective: “Promote a balanced macroeconomic environment and management of Public Finances”, as it is considered that “the maintenance of a good macroeconomic environment is an indispensable condition for promoting the growth and development of a country, to the extent that it promotes economic stability.” This is where banks play a fundamental role as they are institutions that collect savings from those who have surplus resources and make them available to those who need them, creating a healthy and balanced movement in the economy.” The Secretary of State ended her speech by challenging the Bank UBA Mozambique to innovate and promote financial inclusion. (RM) Source: Rádio Moçambique Online

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