Horácio Gonçalves’ pupils even came into the dominant position, after losing to South Africa in the semi-finals (0-3). Naturally, the goal was to win to honor the name of Mozambique in the regional competition (COSAFA). Thauzene was the author of the first goal of the match, when 39 minutes were played, a goal that put the mambas to win by (1-0), until to rest. After the rest, the dominance of the national team was evident, but the players’ performance was not converted into a goal. When everything indicated that the victory was for Mozambique, specifically at 89′, Mkhontfo scored the equalizer, forcing the match to be decided on penalties. With the tie, were the penalties, starting with Mozambique who successfully converted in the first, through Mapangane, Dlamine drew for Eswati, for mambas Nagy scored (2-1), Mkonta drew (2-2) . Malico was unlucky in the penalty kick, he threw the ball at the top of the crossbar, until the ball came to touch the pitch, but he did not enter and Cassimo Alifa in the fourth penalty, failed to fool the Eswati keeper. Mkhwanzi and Mathabela made the (4-2) final. With this result, Mozambique said goodbye to COSAFA in fourth place in the Ranking, and Eswatine continues in third. Still today, South Africa and Senegal face each other in the final .

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