App copies ‘Be Real’ and encourages users to take daily pictures of what they are doing, showing both the front and rear camera. Another app from the wave of “spontaneous” social networks has arrived in Brazil: TikTok Now. A copy of BeReal, which leads the ‘anti-Instagram’ fashion, the app also encourages users to show what they do daily, in unfiltered records from the front and rear camera. To keep up, people will be prompted daily to capture and share a 10-second video or photo, unfiltered. When you open the option, the application gives you 3 minutes for you to take the photo or record the video. Anyone who posts something in this format will be able to see what friends and other users post. Viewing posts from other accounts depends on your age and privacy settings. People who don’t follow you or who you don’t follow can’t comment or interact with these daily posts, but this can also be changed according to the settings. Without filters, likes and followers: BeReal social network gains popularity for being ‘anti-Instagram’ Where to access The app is already part of the main screen of TikTok. It’s at the bottom, between the “Friends” button and the “+” button, to post a photo. However, to use TikTok Now you will need to download the app from the AppStore (iOS users) or the Play Store (Android users). The app takes up 36 MB of storage. When you open the app, you already receive the application’s request to make your first publication. When you do, you can look at your friends’ post. If you have more lenient privacy settings, in the “Explore” tab you can follow posts from other users that you don’t follow yet. User has three minutes to take photo or video Play/ TikTok Now Usage for kids and teens: If anyone under 16 creates an account to use the TikTok Now app, their account will be private by default; under 18s cannot share TikTok Now content in the feed; people between the ages of 13 and 15 have commenting options limited to Friends, which helps protect against unwanted interactions. Mature: These users can choose to share content with the wider TikTok Now community, based on their chosen privacy settings. The default setting is “Friends can see”, more restrictive. SEE ALSO: Ugly Duckling: how the first Brazilian computer worked, created 50 years ago ‘GIFs are cringe’: animated image site says it’s out of fashion and asks to be sold to Facebook’s owner Follow these steps to change the settings of privacy: go to the “Settings” tab; click privacy; select the options you prefer. How to know what data your apps are collecting? Globo Tecnologia

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