The data refer to the inspection work carried out by the health sector between the months of January and September this year. Among the irregularities, there is speculation on prices, possession and sale of medicines without proof of their origin. The information was disclosed today by the Minister of Health, Armindo Tiago, during the opening ceremony of the 13th National Meeting of the Inspection of Health. Before presenting the statistics and work carried out during that period, the government official detailed the relevance of the inspection work to safeguard the rights of citizens and employees linked to the sector. Internal control of the acts carried out in the health sector, the Health Inspectorate has the primary role of protecting the citizen and health worker, by verifying the correct application of legislation.In this way, the Health Inspectorate contributes to the prevention of misconduct with a view to maximizing available resources and guaranteeing the quality of services provided”, the government official said. s to present the balance of the inspection work carried out by the sector in the first nine months of 2021. “In the area of ​​pharmaceutical inspection, the management of medicines in the provincial and district warehouses shows some improvement, however challenges prevail to improve management at the level of the units Sanitary. Situations of drug smuggling and theft of drugs in warehouses and health units were uncovered, valued at more than one million three hundred thousand meticais (1,300,000.00), with the involvement of 14 public officials and 22 other citizens”, he revealed. the minister of health spoke of private pharmacies that operate outside the law. “In the private sector in the pharmaceutical area, we visited 411 private pharmacies where we found that there were still cases of purchase of pharmaceutical products from institutions not licensed by the MISAU and we registered the practice of speculative prices and not stamped on the packaging. The inspection of private pharmacies resulted in 45 pharmacies fined for various irregularities, three of which ended up provisionally closed for possession and sale of drugs without proof of their lawful origin”, he described. According to health authorities, in 2020, 111 were received and investigated. complaints from which stand out the theft of public assets, poor management of financial resources and poor service, which culminated in the opening of disciplinary proceedings against 212 employees, of which two culminated in the termination of contracts, there were 13 cases of demotion, 14 expulsions, 23 dismissed, 79 with fine and 81 with public reprimand. The 13th National Meeting of the Health Inspectorate lasts two days and is held under the motto “Promoting the Community Health Subsystem to achieve Universal Health Coverage”.Source: The country

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