Criminals try to deceive people with fake messages as bait. Know what care is needed. iOS email app icon Brett Jordan/Unsplash You receive an email from a store offering a mega promotion, just register by clicking a link. The offer is tempting, but a suspicion remains in the air. Is this message true? It is safe to register? Suspicion is an important step to avoid falling into scams. The popular saying goes: when alms are too much, the saint is suspicious. SEE ALSO: TEST: your WhatsApp is safe? DELIVERY SWAT: know how to protect yourself Check out the tips and take the test below for more guidance on how not to fall into messages that try to convince you to register that can steal your password or click in some file with virus. Check out tips to avoid being a victim of phishing by email Daniel Ivanaskas/Arte g1 This email is trustworthy? See tips to identify and not fall for scams See 5 tips to stay safe on the internet: 5 safety tips for your digital life Globo Tecnologia

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