Inhambane has only one nursery, where there are 22 children, including those abandoned due to physical disabilities, others whose mothers are serving sentences in different prisons or those who suffer abuse, either from parents or other close relatives. There are 16 professionals at that location, of which only eight deal directly with the children, and the lack of personnel makes it difficult for those women to work. to take care of the children, but, according to Esperança Agapito, director of that establishment, 10 more caregivers are needed so that the children can be given due attention. Moza Banco was on site and offered some essential goods for the flowers that never wither. These are mattresses, bed linen and warm clothing for the little ones, which can help, especially in this cold weather.According to the President of the Executive Board of Moza Banco, Manuel Soares, that institution decided to embrace the initiative because it intends to be part of the solutions, since it is a member of a community that has its problems that cannot be left aside.The Secretary of State in Inhambane, Ludmila Maguni , said, on the occasion, that the Government has been doing its part to protect vulnerable people, but such action must also be in the interest of all actors that make up society. about 30 elderly people who live at the Massinga Old Age Support Center, because they were abandoned by their children.Source:O País

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