It has been almost a month since the presidential decree authorized the reopening of a range of cultural spaces. On the ground, the two main theater venues in Maputo city are in different settings. Teatro Avenida is still closed and Teatro Gungu has already opened its doors to the public. The Government has relaxed pandemic measures and legally it is possible to exhibit and watch a play. On the subject, the Director of Teatro Avenida, Manuela Soeiro, he underlined that, before, there was a need to talk seriously with theater makers, since the law itself is not enough. According to Manuela Soeiro, Teatro Avenida is at ground zero. “Since March of last year, when public places, leisure, theaters were closed, we never had any contact (with the Government). Or we had contact to tell us what we should do. We closed the doors. contact”, said Manuela Soeiro.According to Soeiro, the Government and other stakeholders often forget that the actors who put the theater on stage are professionals and, as such, need attention. “We are people . Before reopening, I think the Government should talk seriously with us,” he repeated, Soeiro. For the director, the theater is not just any place, but one of dignity, so it is necessary that all measures be observed so that the public does not suffer the consequences of the reopening. At the Gungu Theatre, the environment is different. Juju Rombe says that the relaxation of measures in the field of culture was the right measure. “This is what we need. We need to go back to the stage to survive. Without a show, the artist dies. We are many who depend on the theater, several families they had stopped and with a lot of difficulties. So, returning to the stage is very good”, advanced Rombe. In the “new normal”, the Gungu Theater has been showing, since this week, the first play, which is called “Lar Amargo Lar” and counts on the interpretation of seven actors. Source: O País

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