The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, inaugurated today, in the province of Inhambane, the District Hospital of Jangamo, as part of the initiative “Um district, um hospital”. The hospital unit will benefit more than 100,000 people in the Jangamo district and surrounding areas. The hospital unit has an operating room, blood bank, maternity services, nursing and oxygen generators, which will benefit at least 100,000 people, who traveled more than 80 km looking for specialized services. “With this hospital, we hope to improve the lives of our populations and reduce the suffering in the search for services. Pregnant women, for example, will no longer travel long distances to have one. safe birth” explained Nyusi, after offering the population an ambulance. This hospital is inaugurated at a time when the province of Inhambane has alarming levels of diarrhea, cholera and dysentery, with special emphasis on malaria. Filipe Nyusi appealed to managers and doctors that hospital to respect the patients, avoiding illicit charges, as this “stains the image of the professionals and brings down the effort of the Government. Source: O País

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