Equitable access to anti-covid-19 vaccines, with emphasis on the redistribution of excess doses of G7 member countries (Germany, Canada , United States, France, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom), will be at the top of the agenda. Despite unanimous support for Covax, an initiative led by the World Health Organization (WHO) that aims to ensure vaccines for low- and middle-income countries, the actual number of doses available is far below needs, as rich countries have prioritized their populations themselves. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will call on other leaders to join forces to help vaccinate the entire world against covid-19 by the end of 2022. vaccines, should be discussed in the transfer of technologies and resources by countries and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate and increase the production of vaccines. But the British government wants to take the discussion further, promoting the G7 presidency’s ‘rebuild better’ slogan and promote a strategy for recovery from the covid-19 pandemic while the world strengthens its resilience against future pandemics. The return of the USA to the Paris Agreement also represents an opportunity to move forward with more commitments in the fight against climate change, namely in terms of climate finance for developing countries. Boris Johnson, who will also chair the COP26 climate change summit in November in Glasgow, will want to use the G7 to leverage and accelerate initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean energy. The participation of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, also represents an opportunity for greater unity in terms of foreign policy, with discussions and statements about the situations in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Belarus, Libya and Iran being expected. Russia and China are expected to be approached, after criticism leveled in May by G7 foreign ministers, who deplored Russia’s “irresponsible and destabilizing attitude”, particularly in Ukraine, and called on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. As usual at the G7 summits, representatives of the European Union will be present, namely the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. The summit takes place until Sunday in the beautiful Carbis Bay in Cornwall, a region famous for its beaches and coastline, but which the British Government wants to promote for its role in the “new green revolution” British, as it has the first geothermal power plant in the country and a mine of lithium, an essential ingredient for electric batteries.

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