The group was made up of children, women and elderly people from the district of Mocimboa da Praia. .”They are debilitated, others with breathing problems. Because even where they left, it seems that feeding was difficult. Others said they lived on dry cassava, even so, the dry cassava itself became scarce and they had a problem with feeding. We did it. after two or three days they managed to feed themselves and after recovering we brought them from Mocimboa (from Praia) to Pemba”, a FADM official told TVM.Two of the 21 rescued people did not resist the degrading situation in who were and lost their lives, being a 3-year-old child who lost her life still in Mocimboa da Praia and an elderly woman who died during the evacuation to Pemba.As res tant 19 were referred to the Provincial Hospital of Pemba where they are receiving medical care.

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