While the authorities make commitments to maintain Rwandan and SADC troops, as well as announce the destruction of main bases, small groups of terrorists continue to cause fatalities in Nangade districts, the north and Macomia in the center of Cabo Delgado province. Sources told “Carta” that, around 11 am, a group of unknown numbers attacked the village of Unidade, less than 20 kilometers from the district headquarters of Nangade, killing two people and forcing others to flee to the headquarters. of the district. On the same Thursday, in the afternoon, another group of four armed men attacked Quilhaule Island in the district of Ibo, killing one person and stealing fish, in addition to the destruction of other property. The fatal victim as well as the owner of the fish were fishermen who had left Matemo. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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