A vehicle from the District Health, Women and Social Action Service, in the district of Meluco, in Cabo Delgado, was attacked late this Thursday afternoon by armed men , believed to be terrorists who, a few days ago, attacked villages in Macomia district. According to sources, until the beginning of the night, part of the occupants were in the District Command of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, in Macomia, deprived of their assets. The attack took place in a village a few kilometers from the headquarters of the district of Meluco, and the vehicle attacked was traveling to the city of Pemba-Meluco, and, at this moment, it remains abandoned on the spot. However, an occupant, by the way a woman, who was traveling in the vehicle, is reported missing. The attackers took possession of various assets, such as computers, cell phones and around ten thousand meticais. Other sources refer to having registered another attack at the Administrative Post of Muaguide, also in the district of Meluco, specifically in the village of Pitolha, where terrorists attacked around 10 am this Thursday and burned many huts of the population. Last week, the terrorists had warned, through a woman kidnapped and later released, that they could soon attack the villages of the Meluco district. It should be noted that some families in Meluco who, at the end of last year, abandoned their homes, following intense attacks on the district, have not yet returned to their areas of origin. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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