This Thursday, during the hearing of Teófilo Nhangumele, the second defendant to be heard by the Court, in the context of the judgment in the hidden debts case, which has been taking place since last Monday, in the Maximum Security Chain, some nicknames used by Teófilo Nhangumele to identify the group that should receive gloves from Privinvest were confirmed. Thus, Nhangumele confirmed that Chopstick is the war name given to former Finance Minister Manuel Chang. The nickname was already on Previnvest’s payroll, which Jean Boustani shared with the US court during his trial. However, Nhangumele revealed that, in addition to Chopstick, Manuel Chang was called Iron-Man. Armando Ndambi Guebuza was nicknamed ‘Cinderela, a female character from the cartoons, who represents a fairy tale. António Carlos do Rosário became known as Bang, in reference to the columns that he would have appreciated during his visit to Germany. The Ministry of Defense was known as the MOD and the Ministry of Finance was called the MOF. However, there are nicknames that have not been decoded. This is the case of DP, CAMEL and Tiger. Nhangumele said that it is a “zoo” that no longer knows who it is. (Letter) Source: Mozambican Letter

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