The Mozambican poet, Álvaro Taruma, who is a regular face at the events of Instituto Camões – Centro Cultural Português (IC-CCP) in Maputo, will present his latest book “Animais do Ocaso” at the Porto Book Fair and Lisbon Book Fair, respectively, on the 4th and 11th of September in progress. Taruma stops in Portugal from today with a view to participating in the Porto and Lisbon Book Fairs, and others activities, in which he will present his latest book to the public, under the seal of Editora Exclamação from Porto. On September 4, Taruma will make his debut at the Porto Book Fair, and will be present at his publisher’s stand to autograph the books and exchange experience with other authors. On the 11th of the same month, it will be the turn of the Lisbon Book Fair to receive Taruma and present to readers his latest book.”Animais do Ocaso” is the third book by Álvaro Taruma and is preceded by “Materia Para Um Grito” (Cavalo do Mar, 2018) also released in the IC-CCP. He was awarded the BCI Literature Prize, in the 2019 edition. It should be noted that Álvaro Taruma was honored last year as one of the Writers of the Year by the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora (CEMD), an award that is expected to come to also receive during his stay in Portugal. The preface of the work, the writer and literary critic, António Cabrita, highlights in Taruma’s writing his strong lyrical appeal and his existential poetry, considering him a poet who is not afraid to put the fingers in the wounds, not alienating in the word his historical and social testimony, and this wrapped in a sure prosody that makes him one of the top names of current Mozambican poetry. The author’s presence in Portugal and the dissemination of the work in Mozambique count on support from IC-CCP and is part of the promotion of new literary values ​​in the space of the Portuguese language, its cultures, as well as the enhancement of its diversity. “Animais do Ocaso” will also be presented shortly at IC-CCP in Maputo and Beira, accompanied by a conversation with the prefacer Source:O País

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