Three football players, of Tanzanian nationality, who play for the Clube Desportivo de Pemba team, Cabo Delgado province, were detained for days, trying to deal with the Mozambican Identity Card (BI). According to the spokesman of the National Directorate of Civil Identification (DNIC), Alberto Sumbana, who advanced the information, on Tuesday morning, the individuals were detained already in possession of false birth certificates. “It is said that the three individuals are affiliated to the Clube Desportivo de Pemba, because on their cards, which convey them with this institution, they said they are Mozambicans, while they are Tanzanians,” said Sumbana, in a press conference. In fact, according to the source, this was not the only case of attempted illegal obtaining of the Mozambican identification document, registered last week. In Nampula, a foreign citizen was also arrested, trying to obtain the Mozambican ID. “Fortunately, we are attentive and we have been tackling these types of situations of unsuccessful attempts to deal with BI”, stressed Sumbana, guaranteeing that the authorities continue to work, in order to clarify these cases. (Marta Afonso) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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