Arrived, saw and won. Interestingly, the two had reinforced, in the last National Championship of senior female basketball, A Politécnica.Onélia Pérola Mutombene and Tamara Seda won, this Sunday, 18 July, the Angola Cup after the First of August defeated rival Inter in the final. Clube por 68_59 in the final duel held in Luanda’s citadel pavilion. Valuable Mozambican basketball players helped the “military men” to lift the fourteenth trophy in the competition. They should reinforce D’Agosto in the Angola National Championship. Mutombene was assigned by Ferroviário de Maputo to represent D’ Agosto for 15 days. Seda, best “rebonder” of “Afrobasket” 2019, belongs to Kutxabanki Araski from Spain. Tamara was considered the best athlete of the team in Liga Endesa. Source: O País

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