South African justice chief Raymond Zondo yesterday presented the latest report on the capture of the state during the presidency of Jacob Zuma, between 2009 and 2018. Cyril Ramaphosa says that this is a violation of human rights and an attack on democracy. The last volume of the investigation into corruption and fraud in the South African public sector, which led to the capture of the State, under the command of President Jacob Zuma, was this Wednesday presented to the Head of State, Cyril Ramaphosa. Led by Judge Raymond Zondo, the commission says that the document details the flows and financial transfers made through the capture of the State in South Africa, and shows how the situation happened due to the facilities of former President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, as well as the use of Waterkloof Air Base by businessmen Gupta. Raymond Zondo said that there are still cases of undiscovered corruption in the public sector. After receiving the report, the president The South African ide considered that the capture of the state is not only an attack on democracy, but also violated human rights. For Ramaphosa, the report is much more than a record of corruption in South Africa. to the National Assembly in the next four months and should include the opinion of the Head of State on the conclusions and recommendations of the investigation.Source:O País

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