Starts on Monday the 2nd phase of the National Vaccination Campaign against COVID-19 in the country. Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Early Childhood Educators, Teachers of Technical-Professional Education and Higher Education, will be included in the process for the first time, given the nature of their work. For two weeks, the Ministry of Health intends to immunize about 23 thousand people, among the new groups admitted and those that have been vaccinated since the campaign began, on March 8th. those who have already taken the first and the first dose to the new groups”. The spacing between the administration of the vaccine will be 21 days, which means that three weeks later, the new priority groups will take the second dose and “only after this dose is that they can be considered immunized against COVID-19. Benigna Matsinhe made it known that the vaccine, to be administered from Monday, is SINOVAC brand, the result of a donation from the Ministry from the Defense of Mozambique, who also received it from its counterpart in China. “The vaccine that we are going to administer is produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company SINOVAC Biotech and its effectiveness is widely known worldwide”, explained. Deputy Public Health, said there was sufficient availability to finish the campaign, thanks to the support the country has received. “The country received a total of 744,000 doses, of which 284,000 were under the COVAX mechanism, 100,000 through the an offer from the Republic of India and 260,000 from the People’s Republic of China” he explained. So far, the MISAU has immunized around 350,000 people and, in the hope of receiving more vaccines, it intends to vaccinate a total of 16 million people. Source: O País

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