Nelson Manuel, in men, and Alcinda Panguana in women, were elected, this Thursday, athletes of the year 2021, in a ceremony that also elected some personalities who were important in the development process of sport in the country.Coach of the year, in women’s, went to Leonor Marizola, at men’s level went to Lucas Sinoia.Referee 2021, in women’s went to Joselina Nogueira and, in men’s, went to Luís Marcelino .Revelation award went to Benvinda Longuela, from Tai-kun-du. The most popular athlete was boxing Rady Gramani; women’s team of the year was Venessa Muianga and Ana Paula Sinaportal. In Volleyball, at men’s level, it was the national beach soccer team. João de Sousa and Rui Hélder Guilaze were nominated for the prestige award, posthumously; in adapted sport, Edmilsa Governo and Hilário Chavela were crowned. The prestigious award went to Joel Matias Libombo and the families Matos, Nhancale, Albazine, Culubes, Cumbes and Wingue were awarded. The career award went to Penalva César, Nicolau Manjate, Amílcar Soares, Claudete Pereira , Domingos Langa and José João Martins. (RM)Source:Radio Mozambique Online

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